For Hire

Do you want to hire me as a private coach or rent a car? Read on.

Private Coaching

Since I live in Northern California, it’s most convenient for me to coach at Thunderhill, Laguna Seca, and Buttonwillow. Coaching is currently forbidden at Sonoma, but if they lift that restriction I would go there. Although I don’t do much autocross or rallycross, I would consider coaching those events, but at some different pricing structure.

  • $400 base rate per day (1-4 drivers)
  • $100 online telemetry review (~60 minutes)
  • $20 / hour transportation fee
  • $100 overnight fee
  • -$100 for Thunderhill West

Car Rental

Need a car for a driving event? I’ve got a couple you can rent.

  • 2007 Toyota Yaris. Fully race-prepared with log books for SCCA, NASA, Lucky Dog, and ChampCar. Street legal with Bluetooth radio and AC. You can drive it to the track! You can also flat-tow it behind an RV (yoke provided). Can be set up with or without a passenger seat.
    • $800/day for Lucky Dog, Lemons, ChampCar
    • $500/day for SCCA, NASA
    • $300/day for HPDE
    • $200/day for rallycross/rallytrials
    • $150/day for autocross
  • 1994 Mazda Miata. Perfect for HPDE events, it’s got a roll bar, hard top, AC, and Bluetooth radio.
    • $300/day for HPDE
    • $150/day for autocross
  • Base rate includes 200 TW tires, cold box, video, and telemetry.
  • Extra Fees
    • There’s a general you break it, you buy/fix it fee.
    • $1000 deposit: returned if the car returns in the condition it left in.
    • Tire abuse fee: any tires that come back with flat spots are charged the price of the tire plus mounting.
    • Engine abuse fee: if the engine ever gets 1000 rpm over redline, there’s an additional $1000 fee.
    • R-comp fee: additional $100 per day if you run your own R-comps (100 treadwear or less). I may have R-comps you can rent for additional fees.
    • You must run video and/or telemetry at all times and share these with me. If these are not running, it may be assumed that you abused the engine and were running R-comps.