oh look, there’s my buddy!

Racing a car is very dangerous even on a closed circuit with safety equipment. Being more concerned about waving to your buddy in the next car than the safety of the people around you is ridiculously irresponsible.


2 thoughts on “oh look, there’s my buddy!

  1. He wasn’t waving to his buddy. He was trying to warn them to slow down. The active flag stations, hill in the track, cars to either side of the camera car and the location of the stopped cars all made this accident unavoidable. I feel bad for the driver being accused of carelessness.


  2. If it was unavoidable, all the others cars would have crashed too. Somehow they managed to put their brakes on in time. Perhaps it was as you say, and that what he was doing was warning the other drivers through a blacked-out window (what the hell?). Do we label this “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”? Or maybe “no good deed goes unpunished”? Or “nice guys finish last”? I’m going to stick with “you suck at racing”.


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